Using Other Social Media Platforms to Get Snapchat Views.

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In recent times, we are on over four platforms of social media that we engage our friends in various ways. Whether through a message, snap, video or tweet, all these forms are utilized by respective users. Snapchat being among the latest, you can make good use these old platforms to increase the number of snapchat views to your account. Starting this account can be hard but take advantage of these existing ones to ease the whole process. It is a simple process of doing it yourself as described here.

Go to this old social media platforms and give a preview of something exciting you are doing at that moment. Then ask your friends there to head to your snapchat account to see how the whole events will unfold on that particular day. Leave your snapchat username to enable them to follow you. The old platforms act as a trigger to your followers not yet on your snapchat list of friends who are interested in the activity you in that day as a music concert or an overseas trip. Your snapchat views will increase as they come to your handle to see the entire thing you previewed earlier. This strategy has worked mainly for snapchat influencers who take advantage of their huge followers on existing social media platforms.

Try SEO to Gain SoundCloud Followers

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If you want to attract many SoundCloud followers away from the SoundCloud platform, then you should incorporate SEO mechanisms in setting up your URL. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses search engines based on specific algorithms on the internet. How will this help me get followers? It is this simple. As you make your profile, set the profile name, your profile URL and use terms that people are likely to associate you with on the internet. This is because SEO uses keywords and the number of times its used in an article to rank the page.

Therefore, it’s important to set your URL to include your profile name and keywords. Keywords for this case may include the genre of music you in and the sound you intend to convey in the description. With a good story, you will get your music played more onSoundCloud. If an internet user searches for your profile name of the genre you in, your page is likely to appear somewhere on the top page of search engines. Keep in mind that no one goes to the second page of search engines when on the internet hence more chances they will settle for your page. You can even link other social media websites like facebook and twitter where links of your profile will be posted to your SoundCloud followers.

Snapchat: A New Marketing Strategy for Businesses

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Snapchat started as a mobile application that is used by teenagers to send selfies and video clips to each other. This application lets them send public or private snaps to their friends from their

smartphones. A user of the app can also add cute stickers, emojis, and captions to snaps. But who would ever think that this social media will become a powerful tool for businesses in strengthening their brands and drive more people to use their products and services? More and more businesses are starting to use social media to promote themselves, and Snapchat is one of their top picks. Today, Snapchat isn’t just an image sharing platform — over the years, it has become one of the most powerful and effective ways to establish relationships with customers. With Snapchat, businesses find it easier to increase brand awareness and attract more customers in real time, and with minimal effort.

Because pictures and videos send through the app only last a few seconds, businesses see Snapchat is an opportunity to start teasing out customers of their upcoming products and updates on their services.

Among the world-renowned brands that have started to include Snapchat followers as one of their marketing strategies are McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Mondelez/Sour Patch Kids, General Electric, GrubHub, and more.

Making a Video Call To Your Snapchat Followers

With the need to engage your Snapchat followers, go beyond the traditional sharing of videos and pictures. It is time to consider starting to video chat with them. This is the latest version that you need to upgrade to if you want to utilize this new video chat feature. This feature is free even though it will incur you a lot of data. Consider using a wireless network when you intend to make this call then. If you decide to engage your Snapchat followers today using a video call, follow this simple process to get that experience.

First, you have to ensure that your Snapchat app has to be the latest version from and above. It is the only version with the video chat features. With the need to save on your data bundles, consider connecting to a wireless network because it is the only thing you pay for while video chatting.

Proceed to the chat conversation with the follower you intend to call. The problem here is that it only supports a single user at once and you cannot carry out something like a teleconference on this platform. The bottom line here is that all video calls are generated from the conversations with your Snapchat followers. If you don’t have a previous conversation, just start a new chat and choose the one you intend to video chat with.

To initiate the call, tap the video button. Even if they are not online, they will be notified, depending on their notification settings. They can choose to watch, join the call or ignore the same. If they accept the call, minimize that video to enable you to access all the chat controls or rather switch between the full screen and the minimized option. Depending on the nature of conversation you are having, you may need to change cameras in the course of the call. Achieve this simply by double tapping the screen to switch the rear and front camera. Or rather simply, just tap on your video and choose the camera swap option.

Make the video chatting fun by adding stickers to that chat. Just tap the smiley face button to get these stickers that will be visible to both of you on the call. After finishing the call, it is time to hang up. All you do is a tap on the video button. This will however not end the call. You will still be visible on each one chat until you exit that conversation or the person you calling hangs up on their end. If the other person doesn’t end the call, leave the conversation to end the same. Just back out of the recent conversations or rather switch to other apps on your phone.

To make a video call but the person is not available, you may consider making a video message. It is also the best way if you just want to send a video message instead of the call even if they are available. The message has a span of 10 seconds where the intended recipient will get it once they open that chat.



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The users can definitely protect and unprotect their Tweets. They can protect their tweets by restricting their followers, which means that only approved twitter followers can see their tweets.

There are two types of tweets, these are the public and the protected tweets. Users should be mindful that when they signed up for Twitter, the tweets are public by default, which means that any person can see and interact with those tweets. They can protect their tweets by updating their account settings. Once they have protected their tweets, they’ll be receiving a request when new people or other users want to follow them, in which they have the capability to approve or deny the request. Accounts that are following the user’s tweets prior to protecting them will still be able to view and interact with the protected tweets unless the users block them. They can block other users in two ways.

They can block them from a tweet or block them from a profile. If it’s from a tweet, they just have to click the MORE icon (…) located at the bottom of the tweet and then click on BLOCK. When blocking from a profile, they just need to go to the profile page of the account they wish to block and click or tap the gear icon. Choose BLOCK from the menu and click to confirm.